• [Recommended chef today]

    • [Seto bird Osusu menu]

      • Seto bird set (your favorite drink + plenty + zombie + 3 yakitori)

        Seto bird set (your favorite drink + plenty + zombie + 3 yakitori)

        1500 yen (excluding tax)

        Baked birds and Zakki can be enjoyed both in a profitable volume-sized set.Please choose a drink from the menu of all you can drink.

      • Specialty Zangi

        Specialty Zangi

        500 yen (excluding tax)

        !! Clothing addictive and Zangi (fried) once eat confit in the secret sauce of the popular bird Takumi in deep-fried is in the crisp can also juicy !! takeaway in Niihama.

      • Carefully! Yakitori Assortment

        Carefully! Yakitori Assortment

        750 yen (excluding tax)

        Fresh domestic chicken in one by one shop has been baked in charcoal and skewers beating.Also adhered to the seasoning of salt sauce.It is Seto bird homemade.

    • [Yakitori platter]

      • Six smeared Assorted

        Six smeared Assorted

        860 yen (excluding tax)

        Speaking of Seto bird, it is yakitori a new sense that people also easy to eat a lot of Let either! Frankly probably not to think of this yakitori.

      • 5 tangle assorted platter

        5 tangle assorted platter

        750 yen (excluding tax)

        Use homemade secret sauce.It is finished in a sauce that can enjoy the taste of material that is not too thick.

      • Five novelty Assorted

        Five novelty Assorted

        800 yen (excluding tax)

        Creative yakitori other than the classic that was a little strange.Try to find a new favorite.

      • Five salt Assorted

        Five salt Assorted

        750 yen (excluding tax)

        Simple material of taking advantage of the taste "salt prime" please with us and the smell of charcoal.Salt will use the homemade salt blended primarily the salt of Hakata.

      • Random Assorted eight

        Random Assorted eight

        1250 yen (excluding tax)

        It is No. 1 deals yakitori platter to enjoy various yakitori.That grilled prawns enters the platter also ...

      • Seafood platter

        Seafood platter

        980 yen (excluding tax)

        Also used luxury, such as luxurious sea seafood is on skewers! Prawns and scallops.

    • 【gem】

      • Tororo bun

        Tororo bun

        860 yen (excluding tax)

        Taste of the popular restaurant in Kyoto Gion.Cuisine you grated sauce potatoes meatball.Try to eat once by all means.

      • Seared birds

        Seared birds

        650 yen (excluding tax)

        Broil the fresh Sasami and eat it with homemade ponzu.It is a preeminent compatibility with condiments.

      • Duck tartare

        Duck tartare

        750 yen (excluding tax)

        Homemade sauce and chicken eggs and duck.Crunchiness of the yam and onion is the perfect balance.This will regret and do not ask (laughs)

      • Bird soup

        Bird soup

        200 yen (excluding tax)

    • 【salad】

      • Wen Yu Caesar salad

        Wen Yu Caesar salad

        580 yen (excluding tax)

        Wen Yu Caesar salad salad menu staple in yakitori.There is no reason not delicious.

      • Homemade potato salad

        Homemade potato salad

        380 yen (excluding tax)

        Homemade potato salad.We have inherited the taste of well-established store that was in Osaka Kitashinchi.

      • Raw ham and salad

        Raw ham and salad

        580 yen (excluding tax)

        Little this salad when you want to be a luxurious feeling.What about the sparkling wine in fashionable?

      • Radish salad

        Radish salad

        480 yen (excluding tax)

        Frankly, Shakisha! Compatibility preeminent as "Zangi".

      • Avocado and tofu salad

        Avocado and tofu salad

        580 yen (excluding tax)

        Popular with women.Served in the sesame dressing.

      • Duck ham salad

        Duck ham salad

        630 yen (excluding tax)

        Salad using the popularity of duck and homemade sauce.Crunchiness of yam is exquisite.

    • [Spit] The present each 1

      • Skewer (thigh and onions)

        Skewer (thigh and onions)

        150 yen (excluding tax)

        Skewer (thigh and onion) of onion sweetness will not match in the sauce.Much more to be there is a grilled chicken.

      • Oh


        150 yen (excluding tax)

        I can not stop eating texture.A tasty dish.There are many other yakitori birds.

      • Tsukune


        180 yen (excluding tax)

        Fluffy soft meatball.Please try to eat once.Besides there is a lot of grilled chicken.

      • Meat of cross between a mallard and domestic duck

        Meat of cross between a mallard and domestic duck

        180 yen (excluding tax)

        Gravy overflows meat juice.It is a popular dish.

      • Conceive


        160 yen (excluding tax)

        Thin conceive wound one by one you have skewered.In other shops is a dish that does not taste quite.

      • Wing tips

        Wing tips

        180 yen (excluding tax)

        Hearty.Taste of the classic.Besides there is a lot of grilled chicken.

    • [Novelty skewers] present each 1

      • Pig rose enoki winding

        Pig rose enoki winding

        160 yen (excluding tax)

        The Enoki winding the wholesale green onion rode plenty Please enjoy refreshing you in ponzu! Is popular with women in the healthy.

      • Pig cheese winding tomato

        Pig cheese winding tomato

        180 yen (excluding tax)

        Trolli melted cheese tomatoes and chemistry down pat! Cheese please enjoy one of the piping hot.

      • Asparagus flesh wound

        Asparagus flesh wound

        180 yen (excluding tax)

        You can enjoy crisp and the texture of asparagus! Gravy of beef will double the taste soaks in asparagus.

      • Pig rose perilla winding

        Pig rose perilla winding

        170 yen (excluding tax)

        It is said that the millefeuille of pork belly.Gravy is overflowing Innovation dewar and bitten and tightened the overlapping layered pork belly and shiso leaf.Dying is taste.

      • Chicken breast avocado winding

        Chicken breast avocado winding

        180 yen (excluding tax)

    • 【Fried food】

      • Specialty Zangi

        Specialty Zangi

        500 yen (excluding tax)

        !! Clothing addictive and Zangi (fried) once eat confit in the secret sauce of the popular bird Takumi in deep-fried is in the crisp can also juicy !! takeaway in Niihama.

      • Chicken wings fried

        Chicken wings fried

        500 yen (excluding tax)

        Beer and excellent compatibility.Carat juicy!

      • Bones with bones

        Bones with bones

        680 yen (excluding tax)

        Spicy bamboo thigh with full volume.Please eat gorgeously and drink.

      • Deep-fried cartilage

        Deep-fried cartilage

        450 yen (excluding tax)

        Crunchy and the texture can be enjoyed.Please to accompany the drink.

      • Bark chips

        Bark chips

        450 yen (excluding tax)

        Best knob crisp skin is you.You eat lightly wholesale ponzu.

      • French fries

        French fries

        380 yen (excluding tax)

        Classic appetizers.

      • Deep-fried tofu

        Deep-fried tofu

        400 yen (excluding tax)

        Soup is different!

      • Birds cutlet

        Birds cutlet

        180 yen (excluding tax)

      • Pork cutlet

        Pork cutlet

        180 yen (excluding tax)

    • [Seafood skewers]

      • Prawns scallops

        Prawns scallops

        250-360 yen (excluding tax)

    • 【Appetizers】

      • Tofu's cold tofu of

        Tofu's cold tofu of

        280 yen (excluding tax)

        Tofu of our shop, we I am delivered from local tofu shop that are made painstakingly taste of soy every morning from dark soy milk.Please surprised at the difference in taste of soy.Beer, of course, goes well with sake and shochu.

      • Green soybeans

        Green soybeans

        320 yen (excluding tax)

      • Assorted pickles

        Assorted pickles

        360 yen (excluding tax)

      • Oki漬 of squid

        Oki漬 of squid

        420 yen (excluding tax)

      • Changer


        350 yen (excluding tax)

      • Plum crystal (tossed with plum meat of cartilage)

        Plum crystal (tossed with plum meat of cartilage)

        420 yen (excluding tax)

      • Eihire


        460 yen (excluding tax)

      • Grilled eggplant

        Grilled eggplant

        360 (excluding tax)

    • [Dishes]

      • Exchange teppanyaki Imabari-style teppanyaki

        Exchange teppanyaki Imabari-style teppanyaki

        600 yen (excluding tax)

      • Skipper teppanyaki Imabari-style teppanyaki

        Skipper teppanyaki Imabari-style teppanyaki

        650 yen (excluding tax)

      • Sand shear teppanyaki Imabari-style teppanyaki

        600 yen (excluding tax)

      • Also teppanyaki Imabari-style teppanyaki can

        600 yen (excluding tax)

      • Cattle rose teppanyaki Imabari-style teppanyaki

        850 yen (excluding tax)

      • However winding eggs

        However winding eggs

        480 yen (excluding tax)

        There is elasticity as fluffy, the purity of the egg and soup goes together in the mouth.Such extraordinary "cake winding egg"

    • Roasted vegetables

      • Grilled vegetable platter (five)

        Grilled vegetable platter (five)

        500 yen (excluding tax)

      • Shiitake / pumpkin / potatoes / onion / eggplant / yam / green pepper / white green onion / sweet potato

        120 yen (excluding tax)

    • [Rice noodles]

      • Grilled rice ball

        Grilled rice ball

        250 yen (excluding tax)

      • Oyakodon


        600 yen (excluding tax)

      • Take porridge

        Take porridge

        500 yen (excluding tax)

      • Grilled chicken bowl

        550 yen (excluding tax)

      • Grilled rice ball rice with green tea

        Grilled rice ball rice with green tea

        380 yen (excluding tax)

    • 【sweetness】

      • Gelato two prime

        Gelato two prime

        400 yen (excluding tax)

      • Strawberry ice cake

        Strawberry ice cake

        420 yen (excluding tax)

      • Yuzu sorbet

        Yuzu sorbet

        280 yen (excluding tax)

      • Apple Pie

        Apple Pie

        480 yen (excluding tax)